Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Essay Cover Page

Most students find an essay cover page the easiest one to write. Whether you are a student or a researcher, writing such cover page is considered quite important. It forms the very first part of writing any essay. It prompts any reader to dig deep into the rest of the paper. If such page makes an impression in the readers' mind then they will be prompted to look further into the essay and find out what is the idea behind it. Hence the cover page is considered quite important by many.

When you are writing the cover page you must follow a few basic formats and include some basic features. You can not just start of with the idea of the essay; rather start with the date and names that are related to the essay. There can be different formats of writing the essay cover page and this will depend entirely on the subject matter of the essay and what are its requirements. But a few features are considered important while writing the cover page. These can be mentioned as follows:

1. The cover page should include the name of the researcher and the essential dates related to the essay. In most cases the name of the student is provided and mentions the subject of the essay. The dates will mention the start date and end date of the paper. Include the course name and number which is related to the essay.

2. If the cover page requires any specified format then verify the same with your teacher or professor. This needs to be done at the time when you are working on the essay plan. In most cases the font and style are mentioned beforehand by the teacher or professor. Generally the bold and normal fonts are used. The reader should be able to gather the vital information at one go, hence it needs to be clear and unambiguous.

3. Whatever you write on the cover page must be checked and scrutinized. These might seem very minute and unimportant, but its use is rather critical. Hence, it should be dealt accordingly. It is considered quite seriously by the reader especially the teacher or professor who will evaluate it. Pictures and tables are not used on the cover page, as it might cover the words mentioned on the page. What you write on the page will percolate in the readers mind and they will start making deductions about the essay from then onwards. They will see the professional approach of the cover page and what it depicts. If it suits their understanding, they will look further.

The basis of writing an essay cover page is to start with a methodical approach, just like what we see in any planned project. Treat the essay as a project and use the same practice that you would have used in order to make the project successful. At times you can also seek external help from your teacher, supervisor or senor in order to deign an effective cover page.

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