Monday, May 25, 2009

Common Mistakes In Admission Essays

College admission essay services require essays from applying students in order to further determine their skills and worthiness to be accepted in the organization. Thus, it is crucial to present the best possible essay that will play up the best possible traits of the applicant.

To ensure such a paper, here are common pitfalls to avoid in writing the admission services' requisite essay:

Failing to Answer the Question
Even with a sharply written narrative, admission services will still reject the essay when it totally misses the question. Why? This failure to answer the main question automatically points to a student's inattention and low comprehension, traits that are normally unacceptable in all advanced academic levels.

Failing to Follow Proper Directions
Similar in failing to address the question, failure to follow the directions also implies the same level of inability to understand basic regulations. As this is a major turn-offs for admission officers, it is best to be careful on the varying requirement of application essays.

Sounding Like a Resume
One of the primary objectives of an admission essay is to highlight the personality of the student from the GPA ranking and academic accomplishments. This can hardly be achieved when all the admission staff reads is a detailed declaration of scholastic feats. To check oneself, refrain from integrating details that can be otherwise viewed in the other application pages.

Long-Winding Composition
In writing an admission essay, it is advisable to assume that the attention span of the designated reader is shorter than usual, what with all the applications coming in. Thus, using long-winding compositions and too profound words will only hurt the eyes of the reader, and possibly hurt the student's chances of being accepted.

Grammatical Mistakes
This should be an unspoken rule already. Unfortunately, more than a few students still become trapped in this situation. Just to reiterate the obvious: Typos, spelling, and grammatical errors are strictly forbidden in admission essays. As the student is trying to get the acceptance of the admission services people, it should be a no-brainer then that the student should put his best foot (in this case, writing) forward.

Indeed, the admission essay is a crucial requirement in getting accepted by a good College. As the academic future is at stake here, every detail needs to be examined, every mistake needs to be taken out.

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